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It allows to save and the common management of documents. All documents are stored in a database , and are thus protected from unauthorized deletion and modification. By the data bank an access to available documents is possible by a lot of criteria.

A simultaneous work of several users in the document management is also possible.
Documents can be handed on for the treatment, also outside, as far as the receiver also uses this programme.

By mobile phone created Documents ( for example photos ) are also automatically for initial treatment in the data management. The corresponding app can be loaded in Google Market - Play Store.

After a quick equipment at few minutes this user-friendly programme is available to you immediately.

BW Dokument can be installed in three different modes:

  - On a PC for private purposes:

Usually privately or for small amounts of data. Login possible but not necessary

  - On a company network:

The data bank is provided on a server. The application can be also installed on a server disk drive centrally. Login and user administration absolutely necessary.

  - on laptop:

To obtain make access to documents and edit documents. Login and user administration absolutely necessary.

BW Dokument can track and route documents:

  - to the employees in the company who own an account in the same data base
  - to the invited employees who own to no companies Accout.

BW Dokument can integrate foreign data (for example addresses):

  - BW Office Addresse , invoices, orders
  - BW Verein: Addresse , invoices
  - BW Messe: Address , invoices, orders
  - BW Zucht: Addresses, bills , invoice , delivery notes, orders
  and other SQL databases whose accesses are desired

BW Dokument can create addresses by itself to assign documents. A document is generally associated with a person or company.
This concept allows a good structure and further processing of the document .

PPT - Documentation can be found HERE

Thanks to the below companies and developers who made this project possible by providing their software.
Jacob project Java bridge
javax.mail-1.5.0 Oracle
Mysql Oracle
pdfbox-app-1.8.6 Oracle
Scannen scan_.jar und mmscomputing Marcel Austenfeld (marcel.austenfeld at 

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