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BW Dokument setting up at PC

make a selection:

  - Server database: If more users are involved in the program.
Enter host name / IP , user name and password (ask the administrator). The administrator must give grant permission for this user to create a new schema in the database or provide the scheme 'bwablage'. If another module of BW - Design is used, specify the .exe

  - embedded database:

when the program is used by you own and on your computer

  - Remote Server:

if you are on the way and want to access your data

database connect:
database: enter IP, user name and password. Then press Checking and saving. At the moment you need a MySql - database from 5.5 and higher

User settings:
Only required with remote server and server - database.
enter server ID, assign user name, insert mailadress and password. Hooking which permissions are desired, then save.
Local employees are inhouse with direct network access server.Recipients can also send/ get documents if they have the rights.

remote employees:
This includes all agents and recipients of documents that do not use their jobs inhouse, but work in foreign companies or by laptop. These employees have access only (limited) , when they are invited. Remote employee registration only assigns rights and accesses

Create / edit User:
With the button 'Global User - Settings' you can view your access and create new users.
Global User - Settings - > remote and foreign employees, which are sitting outside and do not have access to the server.
Administrator role on the assignment of rights