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insert documents :

  - Paste document:

Insert a document or picture from the clipboard by copy / paste
  - Import document: search document on your computer or scan (PDF, documents, invoices, newsletters, etc.. )
  - Storage to operating:

Use the magnifying glass to look for your address and customer data.
there you can determine who is assigned to the document. This specification is mandatory!

  - file as attachment opens data explorer to select
Valid formats are: PDF, jpg, jpeg, png, gif, xls, doc, ppt, pcl and odt and also mail datas.
provided the document with comments, search, document number, address assignment and / or a place of departure and secluded in the database.

Search of documents
the search filter must be set bBefore the search button is pressed.
address and date assignment, any keywords or a document number can be entered into the search filter
Each filter entry limits the search continues. one entry is least needed. The search process lists all found documents in a table overview.

Each document can be checked in a preview before saving. A stored document can be searched and also viewed in the preview in the Detail. A document can be viewed via the left mouse button in the document viewer. right click select a document for reprocessing. with returning saving document you apply a document history. A document can not be deleted or overwritten.

share Pdf
If a PDF split in several documents, the PDF per pages can be saved as a new document.

Save deposit
The document is stored in the database, the operation / person / address ID and the field description must be filled.